I met Ros through a mutual friend. 
I was walking to the train in Coney Island, after interviewing another potential family. She stopped me in my tracks. . . 

She said "If you do this for me, I give you my word, I will do everything you tell me to do." And she did. 

We began working together in September, 2015. Since then Ros's transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. 

Her back pain has virtually disappeared, she has so much energy, she has picked up extra clients for her cleaning business, recently joined the gym, lost almost 80 pounds and is no longer taking blood pressure medication. 

All her success is her own. Ros made the changes. Commitment like I've never seen before. 

The photos speak for themselves. Paradoxically, Ros has received the least number of lessons of anyone in the program, which shows when you're ready, you just need that gentle push. Her metric for weight loss after I hadn't seen her for a month was...."Wrap your arms around me Boo! See, now they fit! They didn't before."

Impossible not to love.